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Chapter 8
Isabel stood there, her head held high. Everybody stood up and the music started. She slowly walked down the isle a single tear came to her eye. Matthew watched her in amazement. The way she walked, her beauty, everything put together; he was just so amazed by her. She walked up to matthew, he took her hand and they stood together. Father stood up in the front; Isabel put her bouquet down and faced matthew completely.
“We gather here today for the coming together of Isabel and Matthew,” Father spoke loudly “before I start this ceremony anyone have a reason these two should not be married?” father continued.
Damien smiled but did not say a word.
“good. These wedding things… I don’t know how to speak at them. So im going to make it up on the spot.” Father laughed.
“Matthew, its so good to see you grow up. To have a life not so dependant, to discover what love is; and to have found such a wonderful girl. Isabel, I’ve o
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Chapter 7Today's the
Chapter  7
Today’s the big day.  The day where who become one, a miracle of life. It was to be a day like none before; not a typical wedding. With its white and whatever colour, but quite the opposite, the colours are going to be dark, like the creatures they are. Blacker then the blackest part of the universe, red as dark as blood and grey a balance between what is light and what is dark. Their wedding was to be a private ceremony just the two of them, and their family. Then they were to have a huge reception everyone and anyone was invited.
It was seven oclock in the morning, they got up early to finish setting everything up for the wedding. They had to get a cake made, with three layers. The biggest is on the bottom and it was to be black, a medium one in the middle which was to be red and then the last layer was a smaller cake which was both black and red. But what’s totally different was that at the very top as decoration was an egg… not a typical chic
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Underneath the shadows: Chapter 6
Chapter 6
The smoke was black and heavy, it filled the patch of air above the trees the church had been surrounded in. he flew threw it coughing and choking but he made it to the ground. He took a quick breath and crawled along the ground with his eyes closed. He was afraid that the smoke would blind him. He opened his eyes to see Isabel and Penelope picking flowers and putting them in a basket and the cloud of smoke was gone.
“wh-whats going on? Why was there smoke?” he asked.
“smoke? There was no smoke.” Isabel said giving him a weird look.
“yes there was I saw it from the mountain tops!” he said walking closer to them.
“no! we were juspickin’ flowers for the wedding.” Penelope said gently putting down her basket and running to her brother giving him a hug.
“but there was-”  he started to say “oh well, I guess not.” He finished picking Penelope up and walking to Isabel.
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Underneath the shadows chapter 5
Chapter 5
In the forest, well the cave where Salvian and Darkshadow had gone they walked through endless tunnels and into rooms that led right to more tunnels. Darkshadow fainted, she must have been overwhelmed by the walk, or maybe because she hadn’t drank anything. When she woke up she was tied down, to a stone table.
“w-w-what? Where am i?” she asked looking around.
Her voice echoed as if no one was around, she could hear footsteps, and voices,but she could not see. Her head killed, she felt drips of liquid on her lips, she could not describe what it could have been but had tasted like blood.
“whats going on?” she questioned.
There was no reply but she could see figures and then she seen Salvian holding a tortch. He looked angry, but why. She had not done anything wrong. She had not said anything wrong. She followed him.
“Salvian please! Help me!” she screamed.
“my child I am.” He replied
“HOW?Im restrained from m
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Underneath the shadows: chapter 4
Chapter 4
They didn't speak all the way out of the house, or down around the house, or even to the church. She didn't know why they were going there but she wasn't going to ask.  She walked slower as they got to the doors. She stopped at the doors and stared down the aisle, the church was all decorated with red roses, red mesh curtains over the windows, a red carpet, and black covers over the church benches. Darkshow walked back to Darkshadow and gave her a little teasing push to walk forwards. She did as she was pushed to do; she slowly walked down the aisle, in knowingly that he followed directly behind her. She stopped walking and he put his arms around her waist, and hugged her tightly to him.
"That was brave." Darkshow whispered.
"It had to be done." Darkshadow replied.
"He is right you know…" Darkshow said.
"Right about what?" She asked.
"Right about you being cute when you're mad, well more of adorable, but hey what doesnt matter your mine, and never will be his!"
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Underneith the shadows: chapter 3
Chapter 3
Their room was giant, high ceilings so high you could see the support beams, which were meant to be there; just wide enough to fit a person, a canopy bed dressed with silk sheets, and a warm blood red confuter, a chest was at the end of the bed, there was a dresser, a rug and huge floor to ceiling windows. The walls were beige, the floor was oak wood; and so was every other wood thing. Even though they were dark creatures doesn't mean they didn't like light and bright stuff.  
"ive got no clothes to sleep in." Darkshadow said sadly.
"guess again! Look in the drawers, and nobody has worn them, there my backup clothes for if a girl needed clothes really, because face it I was a ladies man." Darkshow said winking at her.
"I see." She replied as she went through the clothes. She picked out a red silky night gown, "turn around im getting changed."
"We're almost married I think I can look." Darkshow replied quietly stepping towards her.
"nope." She said turning around.
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Underneath the Shadows: Chapter 2
Chapter 2
The house was beautiful, it was made of stone tinted red, it had big windows that went from ceiling to floor, a huge porch with old furnisher seated nicely.  The landscape around it was beautiful, big old willow trees, red roses, and behind the house were mountains.
Darkshadow smiled and sat upright. Darkshow woke up and blinked his eyes. He tapped Darkshadow on the shoulder. She turned around and the car stopped.  Darkshun got out of the car and walked up to the house. With three big bangs the door opened. He was talking to a girl, dressed in white, he pointed to the car. Darkshadow undid her seatbelt and got out of the car. She opened the back seat and helped Darkshow out of it. They walked to the front door, where Darkshow was greeted with a hug and a kiss. The girl tried to take Darkshow from Darkshadow she freaked out on her.
"Who do YOU think you ARE?" Darkshadow spoke loud.
"I am his girlfriend! I haven't seen him in like three years! Why who are yo
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Underneath the Shadows Chapter 1
      It was an obscure and wild night in the city. Isabel Walkers was sitting alone in her room, talking to her friends on the computer. A bright flash of lightning made her eyes hurt. She was up for a while and she was getting sleepy. She looked around her room to see all her clothes on her floor. She laughed and decided to clean them up; she gathered all the clothes and put them in a pile in the corner. Her pink room looked clean aside from the clothes pile and her bed not made. She felt her eyes get heavy. She told her friends she was off to bed; she got into pyjamas and slid into bed throwing her blankets over her.
      Her room was pink and white, a typical girly girl's room. Her walls were pink on top with a white wood border four feet up. She had a long white dresser that had pink handles and a pink top. Her floor was maple hardwood floor with a pink fuzzy area rug. She had shelves full of hair stuff and make up, and
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whydoyou hate me so?
all this review i do not know
i cant even watch a show
away you must go

i can not see the use in trying
i feel as though i am dying
my interest in you is shying
this i know i am not lying.

this poem is short, and fast
so let me finish this at last

i hate exams, i hate them so
free me from this horrible thing i do not know
away i must go my review awaits me
wont someone come and save me?


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i am me, i will not change to be someone im not. im one of a kind my bestfriends love me, many people dont but i dont care.


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